5 Mar 2012

Happy birthday Mum

So in honour of March in which my mother and my best friend Heather was born (as well as Mark, Chris and Oliver, crikey!) I am going to do a series of educational posts.

I considered doing posts on some of the great  writers like; Voltaire, Hemmingway, Graeme Greene, Dickens, Harper Lee, or Richard Castle. But I thought maybe I should step out side my comfort zone and look at something that you and I could learn about together.

As a boy I loved reading about foreign lands and people in the National Geographic magazines. So that in mind I have chosen a country at random and decided to do several posts about it.

So the country I have chosen is


Not to be confused with Angola, Angolia is on the east coast of Africa

This tiny country has a rich history and I can't wait to share it with you. Each night I will post amazing facts about it's history and culture.

Lets each grab a glass of wine (bottles are glass right?), settle in our favourite reading chair and prepare for a real adventure.



  1. Angolia looks suspiciously like a guitar pick.

  2. National Geographic as a boy huh - didn't they have pics of the African tribes... (before clothes...).. just saying.... :o)

  3. Angolia eh? starts with A doesn't it?

  4. already learned that there is an Angola and an Angolia. keep up the learning

  5. okay maybe you're making it up. never mind. still learning