13 Mar 2012

Angolia; Part five More revolution

The sixties were a decade of republics and revolution against colonial rule in Africa. But in Angolia the citizens were more interested in the cultural revolutions of the UK and the USA.In December 1965 Angolia offically adopted the Mini-skirt as the national dress. 

Angolian woman in traditional dress

 But civil unrest did occur. Disaffected members of the minority Frooti tribe felt that they should have a bigger say in Government. Alfonzo Beatrice Boohoohoo, fourth son of one of the Frooti cheifs stated that Cabinet was just made up of a “bunch of monkeys!” That traditionally Angolia was Frooti land, and that the original tribe was now segregated to a small village near the north east border of the country near a large tannery and a soap works. He demanded that he and his people be given 90% ownership of Angolian territory and complementary drinks at the casino.

Alfonzo Beatrice Boohoohoo and his entire army
He furhter demanded that he was to be made the minister of the treasury so the Frooti people had the same rights to be corrupt and rob the country just like other African nations.

 The Angolian parliament responded to Alfonzo’s demands with this statement :

“Yes we are a bunch of Monkeys, but democratically elected monkeys from every species found in Angolia. We also note that Mr. Boohoohoo is banned from the casino for insisting on wearing sandals and running up a tab, which was still unpaid. We further note that all members of parliament are paid in Bananas, and that Mr. Boohoohoo might not feel so oppressed if he got ajob instead of just applying for endless student loans, and hanging around campus trying it on with first years.”
Angolia's Parliment meeting over the new transport act in March 1965
Alfonzo took this statement as the motivation he needed. He made a general call to arms, and with his Brother Nigel and his sisters boyfriends cousin Tirone, he established the Frooti Liberation Army (F.L.A.).

As in other countries foreign nationals flocked to support the revolutionary cause. However to a bad translation of the above situation the only revolutionaries who came to Angolia were two dozen vegans from San Francisco who thought they were liberating Banana’s. They formed the Banana Liberation Front (B.L.F).
The B.L.F.

Civil war erupted in 1966

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