10 Mar 2012

Angolia Part 3; Bogarting History

After Angolia just finished the after party for surviving World
War 1. World War 2 started. 

The Angolians found that British Forces and the commonwealth were fighting against the Italian East African Empire.  

Although culturally having more in common with the laid back Italians, the French colony was still miffed over the embarrassing defeat over the east African football cup, where Angolia lost 3-1 to the Italians. 

HRH Humphrey Bogart I
Reigned 1943-1944
For the duration of the war Angolia was known as the “Casablanca of East Africa.” this was mostly due to the fact the colony elected Humphrey Bogart as their King, a position he held for  two years before his film schedule interrupted his duties. 

The Angolian involvement of the war was limited due to their lack of reasources. But they were instrumental in the surrender of the  Italian Viceroy when they cut off the supply of expresso to Ethiopia. 

After victory in Italian east Africa the Angolian army looked at it's meagre forces, and lack of munitions and wondered how it could aid it's allies. The Angolians were not aggressive by nature, but two important reasons pushed the small colonial force into war.

The first was the German occupation of Paris. The concerning thought of the facist occupaiton would ruin that beautiful city, and with their vile censorship laws destroy the capital of culture, beauty and erotic literiture forever. 

The second was their natural desire to be included at every party. Even if it was a world war.

So the Anglians did what they did best. After negotiating with the Lemur resistance  of Madagascar, they launched a commando operation onto the Frecnh Vichy controlled island and did what they did best.

They threw the best party ever. 
The Angolian commnados in full swing with the Vichy French army

The Vichy troops were so hungover and dazed by the time The British launched  thier final offensive victory was assured. Sadly drunken Angolian troops on sighting the British resisited their occupaiton of French soil for another month.
After the war ended the prime minister of Angolia, Sir Renoir Aubergine was so inspired by Mr. Bogart's rugged independent nature,  he declared independence for Angolia and himself God king for life. 

France responded with the famous quote:
Désolé qui sont vous ? Oh nous avons oublié que vous vous êtes trouvés présent. Merde! Est cela trop tard? Parfait être cette 
Translated this was
“Sorry who are you? Oh we forgot you were there. Drat!
Is it too late? Fine be that way!”

And Angolia became the Kingdom of Angolia

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