22 Jun 2015

Jurassic World

Great Freya's braids another sequel? According to the Den of Geek there are currently 139 movie sequels in the works.

Yes the studio in it's infinite wisdom is carrying on the Jurassic Park Franchise with Jurassic world. Although now that I have seen the film I have to admit that Jurassic World is different from most movies which are number four in a franchise.

Jurassic world is great!

Let me give you a synopsis.

It is has been twenty years since the first film. Ingen (the company behind Jurassic Park) has taken control of the islands and has been successfully running Jurassic World, a living breathing dinosaur theme park for the whole family.  But while the company has finally realised John Hammond's original dream, the world is now used to the spectacle of "real" dinosaurs. The park is losing money slowly, and in an attempt to bring in more visitors to the park, Ingen has decided to make their own dinosaurs. Bigger, and scarier than any nature could make.

What could possibly go wrong?

Enuse screaming and bloody hi-jinx!

Jurassic World is  marvellously fun. And while the movie has come under a lot of criticism  about the way dinosaurs are depicted, the movie is unapologetic. It is explained that the dinosaurs in the park are genetically designed to appeal to the public, and have been made to a look a certain way to boost the company's profits.  Given that this is made quite clear in the movie I don't really undertsand the criticisms about the movie. The whole premise of the story is that the company is playing god with genetics for profit, not science. 

Like any classic sci-fi movie, the ironic warning about man meddling with science to his detriment (read monsters eating people) has been the over all theme of the Jurassic Park franchise. Certainly with the first movie. However, despite the re-appearance of the wonderful Sam Neil (yes I have a cultural bias here), the franchise severly lost it's way with the third installement (dumb Spinosaur) . 

But like Batman BeginsJurassic World  succesfully breathes life into a dying idea.  But unlike Batman it doesn't start from scratch, it recaptures all the brilliance of the first film. Jurassic World is  a homage to Jurrasic Park.  And unashamadly so. In fact if you want to go see Jurassic World,  I seriously suggest you watch  Jurrassic Park  before you do, so you can see and appreciate all the little nods to the first film. 

To sum up, the movie is a giant blockbuster spectacle with Dinosaurs and Chris Pratt. It is funny, scary and full of redemption. If you loved Jurrasic Park  go see Jurassic World   on the big screen. And take the kids because who doesn't like dinosuars devouring people!

Seven and a half Monkeys from me.