5 Dec 2011

Johns day Eve

Huzzah Huzzah Huzzah!

It's that favourite time of year for all the noble souls in the world. Time to wear your favourite animal hat, and dry clean your best velvet.

Sharpen your blades and sing songs of battles old.

Octalavia we will never forget you!

Put some milk and honey out for the Hobgoblins and Sprites, some meat for the wolves, apples for the horses and a nice Shiraz for the king of Cats.
Make sure it's a nice surprise mind, he has Tigers for Valets.

Remember the old gods they are lonely.
Tip your hat at the new lest Angels pull your wings off.

Prepare for the feast tomorrow. Defrost the turkey, freeze the Vodka and gather the beer, wine and antipasto.

Gather the traditional Johns day DVDs watched every year for the last seven hundred years; Ran, Seven Samurai, City of Lost Children, and any of the Wallace and Gromit selection.

for it's Johns day eve When vampires crawl int your room and night and bite the heads off all the jelly babies, and you must sleep before the wolfing hour lest the sand man come and take your eyes.  Smile at the More-pork and he will warn you.

Prepare yourself for a day like no other, with fire breathers, vikings, steam punk and burlesque piratequeens.

Prepare and fear, weep and cheer.

Huzzah Huzzah Huzzah

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  1. If there really were burlesque piratequeens then Craig would be there like a shot.