27 Dec 2011

Inspiration and energy

Firstly it is SUNNY

I have suffered from a lack of sun this year and the current weather in the capital is almost medicinal.  Because the weather was so good I metamorphosed from a grumpy indoorsy chap to a grumpy hot outdoorsy chap. The metamorphosis was aided by the acquisition of shorts.
It's amazing I never knew how a humble pair of warehouse shorts could transform me.

Then my lovely girl and I decided that to celebrate the sun and go on an expedition. So we found a intermediate walking track and went for a mighty trek.

I thought I was going to die in the first 30 seconds. To get to the track you have to walk up a very steep access way and I am very out of shape. Well that's not true, I do have a shape but it's not the right one for excercise.

But we don't give up in my family, so I soldiered on sounding like the before guy in a radio advertisement for asthma medication. But soon enough my body loosened up and I started to have fun. And by the end of it I felt great.

You are probably wondering what the devil this post has to do with writing or film or any thing really?
Well the same way many people feel energised and happier after exercise I feel after writing. There is something about creating something that is good for me. I can't explain it really, I guess it is just part of my inherent nature to create, and I am the better for it.

So on that note I have to fortify myself as I have promised my lady that she can see the new film "Midnight in Paris."   Despite being a film by Woody Allen I am hoping for a pleasant morning. And if nothing else it will make my girl happy. 

I wish you all the pleasantest of memories and fun over the holiday period. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New year.


  1. I've put shorts on a few times over the last week. Worried that my legs might distract drivers (as the sun reflects off my bare calves and burns into their retinas).

  2. Glad to see your out and about enjoying the sun John. Use my laptop if you like, then you don't have to sit in that pokey little room all day. :)