18 Dec 2011

Break, family and energy

I haven't posted in a while, sorry for that.

It is not that I have nothing to say, but the silly season is crazy this year and two major events have stopped me from doing so.

The first was a visit by the matriarch of my family house, House P. 
Yes my lovely mother and older brother travelled south into the grey and gloom that is Wellywood (Mordor?) to celebrate Johns day and an early Christmas as I am staying south this year.
My brother was displeased by the news the jammy tarts were finished

So there were feasts of turkey, trifle, brandy snaps and Swedish Meat balls. There was much to drink and games to play. There were presents given;  giant zeppelin fish, wonderful compass's, books on swords and Doyle. Laughing and dancing.

 And of course the traditional questions of the state of my digestive tract, finances, love life and of course my future.

It was fun and exhausting as only family can be, but I am grateful to have spent some quality time with them for Christmas.

The second reason for my hiatus from my electronic processing contraption is that apparently my graphics card went "POOPTED!" I assure you this is the technical term for what apparently occurred.  So my contraption was unusable until a friend came over to to fix it yesterday.

Than you Chris, I promise you food and drink for your generosity and time.

Anyway this week I will post a few times prior to my travels over the hills north to a promised land of sun.

If you can't live wise, live ascetically. It may be shallow, but it's at least beautiful.

Don't know why I wrote that, probably the music I am listening to.

Thank you for your patience and I'll write soon.

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