23 Nov 2011

A vague sense of regret

Good evening

I probably should not be blogging as I have had about an hours sleep in the past 24. But I am restless and can't go to bed yet.

I am preparing to travel to the city of Lambs on the morrow, other wise known as Palmerston North. Is there a Palmerston south of that city? I wonder?

Any way my wonderful girl is graduating on Friday morning; HUZZAH!

But due to the time table we have to drive up tomorrow afternoon and spend the night there.  But that is not the subject of tonight's post. More a disclaimer if this makes absolutely no sense.

Recently I was offered the opportunity to write up an article about my office on the departments web page, to educate and illuminate the populace on our curious history and what we do.  Perhaps a sentence or two about our shrine to Winston? Or maybe a humorous anecdote from the past? Like when tall Stanly bit young Tom during a debate over which font to use in emails, and then poor Tom died of  scrofula.

Aerial 10 apparently.

It seemed like a great opportunity to put my skills to the test.  A chance to shine, to show the world the real me!
However I declined.
  Regardless of what I wrote; good or bad, accurate or mythological, the project would turn into a farce. Perhaps one word in ten of mine might be used, if it was thought to be "dynamic enough". My suspicions were confirmed today by a friend in management and also by recent experiences. I was told "You are well out of it."
It seems that whether  you were; Graeme Green, Dr. Seuss, or R. L. Stine, the result would be the same if  results of similar projects is anything to go by.
Not quite "snappy enough"
Hemingway was disappointed that Marie Claire rejected his idea for an advice column
I can imagine the conversation now....

Me- "What did you think?
Project manager - "I don't like it?"
Me-" oh OK you wanted a history so that's it, in a nutshell. But I can change it."
Project manager- "It's a bit dry....could you make it more dynamic?"
 Me "It's a history of our office, not Thermopylae? but sure what do you want?'
Project manager- "Well this is OK, but give it pizazz, make it creative! make it snappier!"

5 Min's later....

Project manager- " And then just as I completed the health and safety module, ironically Ian was attacked by Velociraptors. We saved the day by Marty completing the Health and Safety risk escalation form and I unleashed the Tyrannosaurus Rex who ate them all. Hooray! What is this?"
Me "You said you wanted snappy? Whats snappier than a Tyrannosaurus Rex fighting Velociraptors? 7.9 on IMDB can't be wrong"

Well maybe not, but you get the idea.

From experience and observation I know that the end product will not really be mine, and I doubt there would be any credit granted, and if there was would I want it? Also the experience would be frustrating to the point of farcical, so I believe I have made the correct choice.

Still it is a niggle that I turned down an opportunity to write.

Oh well what's done is done and it seems less like an opportunity to write, and an opportunity to give me heart disease. I will worry not. It will be soon time to rest and travel to celebrate a my good and gracious girl I am so proud of.

Love you darling.

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  1. Yes. There is a Palmerston in Otago.

    Not sure why I try and engage with the writing I do at work. Too often all meaning is edited out of it.