13 Nov 2011

Comments and Anticipation

Hi my name is John and I used to read comments on the interweb.

Occasionally there would be an article on Stuff or some other site which would allow people to comment, at length mostly about how they are right and how stupid other people were. Reading peoples comments usually made me quite angry. I am one of those awful intolerant people that hate bullies and bigots.

I know I should learn to be more accepting.

In fact reading comments made me so angry that my new years resolution for this year was to stop reading comments at all. The two exceptions being Face Book and the comments made on this blog.

And I am reconsidering FB. 

This is the first resolution I have ever kept. There have been a couple of minor transgressions, but nothing major. Sadly One of them occurred today. Today's blog post was going to be about things I am looking forward to, and I am interested in looking at American Vampire.  Here is an article about it:

Curious I went online looking for a review. I soon found a site which I thought was of readers review. I started reading and before I knew it I was no longer reading reviews about the comic, but a comparison between Twilight and American Vampire.  This quickly turned into a comment war between one Twilight fan and everybody else.  Here is an example;

" I read back of kings book once, and couldnt understand some word, he uses big fancy words, and SO WHAT? meyer is REAL LITERATURE, ok"

I then realised what I was doing and closed the whole site down and went into the sun and did some gardening.  My apologies to the world, I will endeavour to be more diligent in future.

I did go back to copy that comment for this post, and it was a difficult choice between that example and the one where the girl (?) confused Stephen King with Stephen Hawking.


OK so I will do some sit ups in further penance and  tomorrows blog will be things I am looking forward to and thing I am trying to avoid.

Hope you are enjoying the sun.

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