19 Nov 2011

Thngs I am looking forward to

Ahhh what the future brings. When I was a boy it was; Summer, Space travel, Nuclear Holocaust and Jet packs. Sadly the end of the cold war, the decline of N.A.S.A. and the prospect of a new ice age has put paid to those salad day dreams. Now I must look elsewhere for the promise of entertainment. 

But as I gaze into the future it is not all HBO, and Victoria's secrets. There is dread, change and with the prospect of a newly released Adam Sander movie; fear.

But without further ado here is stuff I am looking forward to and stuff I am not looking forward to.

Looking forward to
  • Brave 
I like Pixar films, and this looks fun. The story of a young Scottish princess fighting to change her fate in a land of tradition. Wow that looks quite dull written down. But it looks great; there is adventure, fun and promise of a well crafted story. Oh and it has Billy Connolly as well.
  • The Rum Diary, both the book and the film
 I like Hunter S. Thompson and I have yet to read this story by him. Good summer holiday read I think. And you can't really go too wrong with Johnnny Depp.
  • Second season of Walking Dead
Loved the first season, and I am looking forward to seeing what trials await our heroes. But I do have a considerable amount of TV to catch up on such as Game of Thrones.

  • The Muppets
From the previews I am very hopeful that this project will capture the fun and humour created by Jim Henson. Jason Segal is a good story teller in his own right, and he has worked hard to reboot the Muppet's on the big screen.  I just hope that he succeeded.
  • Tinker, Tailor. Soldier, Spy (the film)
Loved the book, and the TV series and this looks like a it's going to be great.  Superb cast and it has the director of the Swedish classic vampire film "Let the right one in."  I have very high hopes.
  • A Dance with Dragons
Many of you may have experienced the pleasure and drama of the HBO series Game of Thrones.  Well this is the latest book in the series. The author George R.R. Martin was told by his editor that he should split his next book into two separate works, and he did. Excellent writer, ghastly but wonderful books.
  • The Pirates, It's a Plunderful life
If you like Wallace and Grommit and Flushed away, and I do, then this movie is for you. Yes Even I put away my Alistair Crowley or John Dee, and go into the sunlight breifly, before retiring back into the darkness in front of some Plasticine pirates with a glass of Pepperjack Shiraz. Huzzah!

 Not looking forward to
  •   Monday 
Seriously need a new job. It's like working at Dantes inferno.
  • Twilight franchises next offering
I cannot wait until this highly perturbing and disturbing dross masquerading as a teen romance literature is consigned to the literary commode of history. Lent to me as a "Good vampire book". I have de-friended that person on face book.
  • Jack and Jill
Hansel and Gretal, Snow white, Abraham Lincoln, all these fairy tales are being brought to the big screen with a twist. Hansel and Gretal are witch hunters, Abraham Lincoln  is a Vampire killer and Snow white has two separate new interpretations. Jack and Jill however is the story of one successful star, and his decline into terrible and embarrassing projects. I am of course referring to Al Pacino and his cameo in this vile pastiche of humour. Jack and Jill is  Adam Sandler playing himself and his twin sister. I have no intention of watching this incredulous mess. Just seeing the movie poster makes my gums itch.
  • Star Wars episode I, the Phantom Menace in 3D
  • Battleship
Yes  the movie of the board game. 

  • Clash of the Titans II
 I don't understand why they hate Greek Myhtology so much?
  • Mission impossible IV
Is the impossible mission trying to get people to watch this?
  • Underworld IV
Kate Beckensale in a tight leather jumpsuit, battling vampires and were-wolves with swords and guns. How can something that seems so cool, be so dumb?

OK that's me for now. Anything you are particularly looking forward to? Whether it be on the big, small screen, or in print or music?

I'd love to see your thoughts


  1. I could not agree with your more on the whole Twilight franchise. How something so inane, badly written and with bland characters that make cardboard cut outs look like they have a personality could have made it to an international audience and become so successful really does defy belief. l too cannot wait for it all to be over. If you feel up to it, click on the link below. This person (to me) really does sum up Twilight's fan base:


    Things I am looking forward to - watching seasons 3-5 of Six Feet Under (superb series, we've just finished watching seasons 1 and 2), indulging in the gore and glory that is 'Spartacus, gods of the arena', and I'm also halfway through Stephan King's '11.22.63' - an entertaining time travel romp if ever there was one.

    Oh and of course catching up with family and friends is something i look forward to too - so on that note, let's organise a catch up at some point!

    Great blog post :) x Fi

  2. A few things I am looking forward to..
    Reading "Leymah Gbowee's memoir "Mighty be our Powers: How Sisterhood, Prayer and Sex saved a nation at war".
    Watching: "Midnight in Paris", "One day", "Brave", "ParaNorman", "Machine Gun Preacher".
    Experincing Foo Fighters live for the first time.
    Also...graduating this week, Christmas, a surprise I'm planning for someone special and summer holidays with friends and family.

  3. Here's what I'm looking forward too:
    "Sione's 2: Unfinished Business", "One Day" and "The Muppets" at the movies. The release of "Lone Wolf" by Jodi Picoult (not until March, but even so). "Cougar Town" returning to TV screens. Spending 2 weeks in Australia, relaxing at the beach, spending time with my gorgeous wee nephew, and hanging out with friends. Bring on Summer! :)