5 May 2011

The problems with Google

A couple of years ago I was at work researching a topic and I found a link that seemed to contain all the material I wanted. But there was something about it that made me wary. After a few moments of indecision I decided as there were few other options available on that topic I would try it. It turned out to be porn.
I then sprinted into my Managers office and explain what happened lest I lose my job for the obvious reasons. They found it hilarious. So there is an example of the fallibility of using Google for getting information

Here is another.

Terry Jones a pastor from Florida threatened to burn the Koran. Due to the obvious unrest this would cause the United States President Obama  told him not to, as it would incite violence and put peoples lives at risk. Pastor Jones agreed not to.

Then on March 20, 2011 he orchestrated the burning of a copy of the Koran. There was an immediate back lash and in Afghanistan 11 people were killed in a UN compound according to one account.
But the purpose of this post is not to point out the obvious that Pastor Terry Jones is a twat.But the problem with google.

Here is an image courtesy of Time magazine of some protesters burning an effigy of Terry Jones


So a group of young angry men got a picture of Pastor Terry Jones and stuck it onto a dummy and burnt it

Here is a picture of Pastor Terry Jones

You can't really it make it out from the first picture but in the article I noticed something. The picture that was attached to the dummy did not resemble Pastor Jones at all. It was this picture.

 Oh yes. The angry and potentially dangerous young men were burning effigies of Terry Jones, author, historian, and ex Python Terry Jones. I tried it and yes when you google the pastor on images all the pictures I saw had "Pastor Terry Jones." but showed images of Terry Jones the actor.


Any way if you don't believe me check out the April edition of Time and see for your self.  I am going to be writing to Mr. Jones to advise him. I will post what happens.

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  1. Wholly cow, I had no idea that's what you were trying to show me. That's insane. How has no one else picked up on that?! You'd think the people at Time magazine at least would have.