18 May 2011



Sorry I was going to post a DVD review, but it is a historical one and I need to track it down.  My life has gotten quite mental at the moment as my day job which is normally quite stressful, has just become farcical. I have my ongoing "project" which is a bit of a secret for now. A short story for my friend, some writing work for my brother and this blog.

And this blog seems to have arrived at the bottom of the list.

I was tempted to throw in a short story I wrote recently for a European magazine competition, but frankly I am chickening out. I am reviewing it and drinking as much water as I can (the tiny temporary office I am sharing with ten other people is quite dehydrating.) but I need to re-energise before I can be satisfied that it is blog worthy.

Give me an hour and glass of Italian red.

Any thought I had better post some thing.  Look out for a further post later on.

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