8 May 2011

The Alphabetical DVD project

I watch a lot of movies. Not a crazy amount. But a fair bit. And there came a time when my flatmate/friend and I would go to the DVD store and there would be nothing that we could watch. Simply because we had exhausted our options.

So around April last my flatmate came up with an idea. Partly to save money, partly to explore new cinematic horizons, and partly to get me off my sad arse and writing.

So she created the Alphabetical movie project.

We would combine our two DVD libraries and watch them alphabetically. And we would write reviews of these movies. I had been emailing a small distribution list with mine, and my friend had posted them on her blog.
Now I am writing a blog I thought, well why not.

So my posts will probably double as I start posting my old reviews as well as my weekly comments.

The thing is about any review is that it is subjective. Am I more qualified than others to write a review?  Technically yes I am in a purely academic sense. That doesn't mean you have to agree with me.

When I recommend movies to people the first thing I do is ask them "What are some of your favorite movies?" That way I can try and recommend something that I think they will like.

Anyway I hope you enjoy them regardless.


  1. In the internet age, I don't think anyone is 'more qualified' to write a review - or 'less qualified' for that matter. However, you've got a good chance of writing a good review than lots of people ;)

  2. I'm excited to start reading your reviews again. You always have interesting insights in to the movie. Our reviews are so different, making it interesting to read both and compare. Check mine out here (for those of you that might be interested for comparison sakes if nothing else) www.65by30.blogspot.com