23 May 2011


 So here is the first movie owned by my partner in reviewing. Her blog is here
And it is a cool wee blog about her, photography art and other things.

When I was at university I studied film with a young woman that refused, utterly, to watch any movie that was based on real events. She never gave a satisfactory reason for this, and to this day I put it down to her being a bit queer. But there is nowt as queer as folk is there. 

I vaguely remember hearing about the events that this movie were inspired by, but curiously I have no memory of this being released. Which is odd as I really like Kevin Spacey.

Any way here is the synopsis: Ben (Jim Sturgess) a highly intelligent hard working MIT student needs $300,000 to get into Harvard medical college.  While struggling with having no money and no life to speak of outside his two exceptionally nerdy friends, his intellect is noted by one of his professors Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey). Micky runs a secret group of students that count cards in Vegas. In this group is the yummy Kate Bosworth who you may have seen before as Lois in the last Superman movie. Ben agrees to join (he must have liked the superman movie too), but only on the basis that once he gets enough money for Harvard he will quit.
Mean while in Vegas is a security firm that watches for cheats and card counters led by old school heavy Cole (Laurence Fishburne) who starts to investigate the students. And then there are plots and hijinks's.

The movie  was alright. Lawrence Fishburne was good, Kevin Spacey is a scene stealer, and Kate Bosworth is as previously mentioned, yummy. It was a fine movie but not a great movie. The twist at end was ok, and the minor ensemble cast worked well. Technically fine, but overall there was little to inspire me. I had little empathy for the Ben character, I know we were meant to feel for this brilliant young man whose medical dreams are being held back by his lack of wealth, but I didn’t. He just came across as a young self absorbed prat. I think I felt more for Lawrence Fishburnes character. 

 I don’t think you will be disappointed if you watch this movie, but you won’t rave about it either.Want a good movie about casinos? watch Casino.
6 out of ten Monkeys

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