4 Aug 2013

Who is who?

Tomorrow  6AM New Zealand time the BBC will announce who the next Doctor will be.  The 50th anniversary of the first episode rapidly approaches and the BBC, with a great deal of hype is putting on a live 30 minute show of Doctor Who Geekery, and will end with the announcement of the 12th Doctor. We won't be able to see it (unless you can stream the BBC of course) which is a shame as it sounds cool.

I think if you are of a certain age, Gen X you grew up with the Doctor. He was a staple of our after school viewing.  I also think we led the charge to get behind the reboot even after Paul McGann starting being all  American  in that movie we do not name. 
I mention this because the Doctor is not just a important British science fiction icon,  the Doctor is also part of at least two generations of  New Zealand men and women.  he was part of our child hood, and he has returned with the usual rag tag of companions to be in our life now.

So who will take the mantle from Matt Smith? Many people got quite attached to David Tennant, more so than Christopher Eccleston even though he rebooted the series. I have spoken to Whovians who were quite apprehensive with such a young unknown taking on such a mantle. But Matt Smith has owned the role and is a very popular doctor.

The UK bookies who are so cupidinous that they even bet on what they will bet on next, have some favourites on who will replace Matt Smith. And here they are?

Peter Capaldi

I will always remember this Scottish actor for starring with a young Hugh Grant in that weird but wonderful film  Lair of the White Worm.  You might know him from the Hour. He has of course already been in Doctor Who as a prominent roman in The Fires of Pompeii Episode. He was also in Torchwood. Great actor, but I am not sure that he is the man for the job. He is totally capable and would make a great Doctor, but I think he is too connected and also too well known. Sorry Peter I don't think you are the next Doctor.

David Harewood

The 12th Doctor, the last generation (according to folklore) is rumoured to be something a little different. The most common theory is that he will be coloured. So here is David Harewood. He has the right TV pedigree, and you might know him from the US show  Homeland. But you might also know him from Doctor Who episode The End of Time.  I just do not believe that they will use an actor who has cameoed before. I could be wrong, but I do not think I am. Great actor but not the Doctor.

Ben Whishaw

I know him as Sidney from  Layer Cake,  you might know him from  Cloud Atlas  or  Skyfall. Good actor but I think he has a solid career in film and will probbaly be in the next Bond. I don't think he will be the next Doctor.

Olivia Colman
  The other theory is that the new Doctor will be a woman! Great googily Maloogily a female Doctor?
If this idea fills you with hate and dread I suggest you look at this cool video and song from Rebecca Eisenberg

Also misogyny is the lamest thing I think a geek can be, but sadly I have known far too many.  To you, stop being dicks!

In regards to Olivia Coleman being the next Doctor? I don't know she has sold props as a comic British actress, maybe too many. If you don't know her she was the female constable from Hot Fuzz. If the new Doctor is going to be a woman I just don't see her at it.

Rory Kinnear
The son of the late great comic actor Roy Kinnear,  Rory  like Ben Whishaw was recently in  Skyfall.  He is a solid actor with a familiarity but not an rising star like Ben or David Harewood. I do note however that he has been pegged as a contender before. Red herring or someone to watch?

James Corden 

James Corden? C'OMN!  You may or may not know this writer/actor from Gavin and Stacey and the hilarious  Lesbian Vampire Killers. He is a very good actor and very funny. Sadly while he would make a grand Doctor he has also been on Doctor Who previously so I sadly rule him out.

Damian Lewis

A grand actor who you probbaly know from Homeland or  Life, but sadly maybe a bit too grand for Doctor Who.

Dominic West 

Also from  The Hour  he has a successful film and TV career in the US. Talented but a bit to 'man of action' to be the Doctor I think.

Sheridan Smith
Sheridan Smith is a very familiar face to me; Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps,
Gavin and Stacey, Hysteria,  and most recently  Quartet.  Once I was presented with the idea I have to admit that Sheridan is a good option, smart, cheeky and strong she would make a great Doctor. Also less well known than Olivia Colman.

Ok so those are the bookies picks, here are mine

Paterson Joseph
  While I have seen him in various shows he will always be the Marquis De Carabas from  Neverwhere.  I think that Paterson is a much better choice for a black Doctor.

Robert Carlyle

I reckon Robert would be grand, c'mon he would. And I bet he would do it. Sadly I think he has other commitments.

Julian Rhind-Tutt

 A poor mans Paul Bettany, Julian has also been in the hour and many other productions, but maybe he would make him self available for this. Although he also has a career in Hollywood. He was recently the voice of Jarvis in  Iron man 3. 

 I don't really know who it will be. But I do know that I will be up tomorrow to find out. 
Good night.


  1. I was initially disappointed with this morning's announcement, but am over that now and am sure that Peter Capaldi will bring a new perspective to the role. The third Scottish doctor!
    Can't wait for the 50th anniversary episode!

  2. I don't think you need to be a misogynist to think that Doctor Who becoming a woman is a bit of a stretch. We know the character can change personality and appearance (including apparent age), but he's had 11 regens so far and always been a white male, intellectual, who is disposed to solve things in a way that avoids violence (where possible).

    Maybe the extreme circumstances of being the last Timelord could lead to him regenerating and becoming a her, and therefore capable of continuing on the Timelord race. But you'd need some sort of explanation for it. Frankly, I think you'd need an explanation for any regen that took him away from his traditional appearance/personality.