13 Aug 2013

Indiana Jone's best mystery ever

I had planned to do a post about movies that are coming up, or one about wedding speeches. However recent events have stunned me into action. I have started an exciting new project which I am hoping will gather great success.  I just discovered that I was part of a great mystery, a mystery that needed to be solved.

But who to solve it? The greatest detective in the world is of course Sherlock Holmes, but he was currently working on the mystery of Scotty's accent aboard the Star ship enterprise. Batman? Far too angry. Miss
Phryne Fisher? My fiancĂ© would not let her in the house she is far too saucy. 

I need someone with of intelligence, education and action. The next obvious choice is INDIANA JONES!

Indy in the greatest challenge of his life

But what is this mystery you ask?

Well today we recived the preview photographs from our exceptionally talented photographer from when we did the trial shots. And they are great, I really feel that he will give us the pictures that will last a life time. And even though they were just preview shots, he really captured the moment and my girl looks beautiful.  But as I admired the photographs I realised that something was wrong, something was missing? It took me a moment but then I realised what it was.

My Jawline!

At first I thought that the photogrpaher had accidently captured some Lovecraftian monster trying to capture my darling girl, but no on closer inspection it was me.  I have, of late been quite slack on the excercise front and through a daring process of replacing running with donuts, I have replaced my jaw with several chins. 

It was a bit of a shock, but a shock I needed.  So I have spoken to a friend of mine who mind numbingly strong and powerful as a ex power lifter and international rugby player, and he will wring the pie out of me and turn me into a normal human male, not a bloated villian from 30's schock horror.

Hopefully Indy can find my missing jaw, but until then it is on the excercise bike for me.

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