31 Jul 2013

Pacific Rim

Tonight I saw Pacific Rim  the movie that sounds like a dodgy new porno, but is actually the project that Guillermo del Toro did instead of the Hobbit.  But what did the creator of such films as Hell Boy, The Devils back Bone  and Pan's Labyrinth make instead?

Well here is a synopsis

Grrrr, raow ROOOAR, Oh no, Aieeeeeee, rend.
Huzzzah, budda budda, pitew, pitew, raaar, grrrr, Ha-ha, boom, smash, crash, take that evil alien horror. Boom. Oh no, raaar,  And now the Jaeger Bomb! KABLEWIE

Yes Pacific Rim  was super wickedly awesome.
Idris Elba is AWESOME

Essentially if you felt a wonderful child like excitement when you saw the trailer for Pacific Rim then you will get everything you want from this movie. If however you groaned and shook your head, then you will probably get the same. 

Forget  Transformers, Pacific Rim is freaking cool, and that is all you need to know.

7 giant robot monkeys from me.

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