26 Jun 2013

Ironman III

 Good gravy with storms and other such things I have fallen a little behind in schedule with movies. In order to raise emergency funds to support my need for cinema, I tried to sell government secrets, but no one cared, I tried to become a highwayman, but ANZ beat me to it so i just had to budget better.

But great news when I suggested going to see Iron Man 3 the girls readily agreed. Yay the girls.

Although enough of that, on with a synopsis!

 Iron Man 3 is set after The Avengers, and Tony Stark is haunted by the battle with Loki and the alien army. Tony Stark cannot sleep, and despite being a millionaire genius with a beautiful fiance who defeated an alien invasion, he is not at peace.
While Tony is trying to deal with recent events, his friend and ex bodyguard Happy is critically injured in one of the recent terrorist attacks by the Mandarin. In response to his friends injuries Stark challenges the Mandarin directly. But is Iron Man up to the challenge of a man who can threaten the President at will? or will the Wall crumble and the Lannister's keep the throne? Oops sorry wrong Stark.

After reading 2 books and an entire season of Game of Thrones  everything started to blur

Ensue Marvel-lous hijinx (see what I did there)

Since Christopher Nolan took the nipples off the bat suit, there has been success in darker, grittier  super hero films. But Joss Whedon kinda bucked that trend with Avengers. I also believe that the success of the Iron Man films (no not trilogy as there will be another) is  the humour. The films are not bloody or gory, they have enough pathos, fighting, and enough redemption for any super hero film with out resorting to nipples and gore. We took a 12 year old to Iron Man 3 and she loved it. Not too much fighting and lots of laughs. The inclusion of Harly (Ty Simpkins) was also great addition without seeming forced or trite. 

Robert Downey Jr brings wit and credibility to the role of Iron Man. He makes the films fun and exceptionally entertaining. Well he makes the films. Guy Pearce and Ben Kingsley are great, as always and both create great villains opposite Downey Jr. Paltrow is fine as Pepper Potts and Cheadle while good, seems to lack screen time. However this is definitely a film that does and should revolve around
Robert Downey Jr/Tony Stark.

Apparently hard core comic fans did not like the storyline of this film, for reasons I will not divulge, but I thought it was fun. Like many trilogies the third is better than the second. Shane Black, the writer and director who is known for the Lethal weapon franchise, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang brings elements of the buddy film with the relationship between Don Cheadle and Robert Downey Jr, but not in a derivative way. The film is still very much Starks story. 

Good fun story, good effects, good acting and a good instalment for the franchise. 

7 monkeys

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