25 Mar 2013

Wedding Blog II

So despite the teasing of some of my friends, the wedding planning progresses well and fairly much an equal process.

No really.

Fine don't believe me. But it is true.

So my lady and I have been discussing various things; music, flowers, wine, how to pay for all this stuff, and of course the theme of the wedding.  While we are on the same page with everything, I decided to check out some of the most popular themes.

I went onto the great googily engine and looked up themes. Then I found a bunch of weirdoes and got entirely distracted. But it wasn't in vein, I  absolutely know what themes we are not having for our wedding
And here they are:

Rachel does love green, but we are looking for something more traditional and less, well stabby.

Hello Kitty, more like not on your life freaky furries

I have no bloody clue, but no.

Actually this is a maybe for me.

One of the more popular themes I found was the Zombie wedding theme. I suspect this is more of a honeymoon theme.

No,no,no,no,no,no a thousand times no

What could possess you to even consider this?

Lovely in white

Interesting, but the flowers simply don't work.
Yabba Dabba Noooooooo
Call me old fashioned, but I think only the bride should wear a blouse.

Obviously none of these pass the muster. This is one of the most important days of your life, and we are not going to have anything cheesy or trite. 

I have a good friend who had  a medieval wedding, and the photographs look great and it was perfect for them. While we won't being having anything like these themes, seeing all these crazy, medicated, and yes happy people re-enforces that the day will be of our making, something that represents both us, and our life together.

Although I haven't ruled out the pirate one just yet


  1. That's great! i love the pirate one, and could totally see you doing that!

  2. The pirate one is pretty cool eh. You could always go "nudist" - it'll keep the wedding costs down because you'll get lots of "sorry I can't make it" RSVPs.

  3. Our wedding: http://www.handypaladin.co.nz/weddingpage.html

  4. Craig wanted pirate - we compromised with 1920's era gangster - you looked pretty good in the photos as I remember John.
    It's nice to have a wedding with a wee theme it can be subtle.