26 Mar 2013


 Dear readers, and fans(yes both of you),  I would like to ask you all a favour.
Stuff.co.nz is offering a chance for somebody to review movies for them.  Here is the link:


Well I thought I would throw my hat into the ring. I mean why not? It could mean the start of an exciting new career?

There is no reason not to try. He who dares wins, or at least he who wins can celebrate with a yummy wine.

But what the devil do I submit?

John was considerably more confused than when he saw how much money Clash of the Titans made.
Do I send in an older review, a newer post, or write a review especially for stuff? I am confounded by choice.

To help me please tell me your favourite review? Or suggest a movie I could review, old or new, good or bad. I would really appreciate the assist.

Here is a picture of a baby monkey to emotionally black mail you into helping me

Thanking you in advance.


  1. Fi thought "Debbie Does Dallas" could be a good one. I'd suggest something more contemporary. Something slightly obscure, bit still mainstream. No idea what tho.

  2. Nice!