13 Sep 2011


So I have been busy. Work is hard and after work seems to be a rut of dinner and sleep, but I have not been idle.
OK I have been idle, but not bone idle.

I have previously mentioned that I have started doing the requirements of old fashioned brownie badges with a wee group. This idea was to get us doing different things and activities over winter. One of the activities I had the option to create a game or puzzle.
Well me being me I have grandiose schemes and ideas I dredged up an old idea of min and recreated....

What is Kapow? I am so glad you asked.

The great city of Kiwiopolis is under siege by a bevy of villains. But not super villains. More low rent vandals and rogues who are delighting in causing mayhem and chaos. If only there was someone to powerful enough to battle the likes of; The Scrabbler, The Black Pigeon and Fatty Boomsticks the scourge of pies everywhere.

Well now there is.

You have an aspiring hero ready to take up the challenge and become Kiwiopolis's new resident superhero. But it's takes more than a home made costume and a pair of goggles to fight crime. You need ability and to be cool enough to have your very own comic book. 

The mechanics are you start with a random hero and you draw from the deck. You can give you heroes superpowers, gear, vehicles bases and other stuff.  You also have villains and crimes which you then try to defeat to gain prestige with the citizens. 

Well we had a test run and it needs work. I need to make the villains tougher and create new cards.  But the important thing was my play tester had fun. next play test will be this weekend with the harshest of all critics, a ten year old girl. 

Wish me luck.

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  1. Good Luck!

    I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed being the first ever winner of KAPOW!