20 Sep 2011

Great googily maloogily!

When Heather and I decided to do this DVD project she had a blog http://65by30.blogspot.com/ and I had a small group of people that wanted my opinion on films. While Heather posted her reviews online I just wrote them up and sent an email.

Now that I have a blog not only am I quite far behind, I am also a bit out of whack. I say that as I appear to have missed out three film reviews; 40 Days and Forty nights, 50 first dates and The Actors!

Drat my Generation X attention span!

OK so here they are...

40 Days and Forty Nights (2002)

The romantic comedy is a movie that is effectively a pub anecdote about a relationship, but lasts for around ninety minutes.  Some times formulaic due to the inevitable happy ending, some times dire due to the fact it's not funny, and sometimes clever.  But like most pick and mixes you usually get what you expect.  Here is a synopsis of this one:

 Matt (Josh Hartnett) is still obsessing over his ex-girlfriend Nicole (Vinessa Shaw). And despite his constant attempts to get over her by sleeping with a seemingly endless supply of attractive young women, he suffers from a broken heart. After confessing his heart ache to his older brother John (Adam Trese), who is studying to be a priest, he gets the inspiration to forgo any pleasures of the flesh for lent. All seems to go well until he meets Erica (Shannyn Sossamon) who he starts to have feelings for.  He attempts to date her while adhering to vow, but discovers that he is the source of a considerable wager to see if he will last for the entirety of lent . Release the Hyjinx!

 I didn't mind this film,  Josh Hartnett is a good actor who portrays going slowly mental extremely well.  And despite what is a fairly silly premise he can switch between slapstick to charming as appropriate.  Now when I read my project partners review of this film recently she discovered that she didn’t enjoy it as much as she used to. I analysed this and have come to this conclusion. 40 days and 40 nights is a romantic comedy,  but on reflection it would appear that the romantic qualities are more gendered to the fairer sex, and the comedy is geared to the hairy smelly rowdy lot. I am not sure if I am right or not but I think I am. I mean it’s a generalisation, but I think it’s a reasonable assessment.

My final comment is that I wish I had been growing up in the US between the ages of 21-25. six and a wee 1/2 monkey from me.

Fifty first dates (2004)
Oh look a romantic comedy! If you are wondering yes I threatened my flatmate with popping down to the shops and buying more horrors. As it was she was trembling with anticipation to review Alien. I think it is anticipation?

Anyway a synopsis; Henry (Adam Sandler) is a marine Vet in Hawaii whose dream is to travel to Alaska to study the mighty Walrus. Because he wishes to travel there on his own sail boat, he avoids relationship commitment by having whirlwind romances with tourists. One day he meets Lucy (Drew Barrymore) and he has a great time with her and they agree to meet at the same time tomorrow.  When he does meet her again,  she has no knowledge of him at all.  Lucy had a car accident and sadly suffers from anterograde amnesia, and she cannot retain her short term memory. Henry tries to forget her, but can’t. So despite the fact her memories of him are erased every night he keeps trying.

I can take or leave Adam Sandler, I think he has talent, but can fall into juvenile screaming fits reminiscent of every film he has ever done. He is one of those comedians who people either love or hate, but I am in the middle. 

This is the second romantic comedy with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. The two reuniting after the success of The wedding Singer.  Unlike Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks similar attempt I think this works a lot better. 
Interestingly I dislike Rob Schneider intensely, and I am not exaggerating at all. But Adam Sandler seems to have a slight mollifying effect on his acting that can create a good comedy foil.

The script is original, the acting good and the onscreen chemistry is believable. Sandler is able to restrain any over acting to give a credible performance for the most part. A fun movie I could watch again, but in due course.

Six monkeys from me.

The Actors (2003)

Huzzah one of my movies! Not that I dislike H’s movies, but it is a nice feeling to have one of your own. And also it’s good to have a change from romantic comedies.

Lets do a synopsis on this romantic comedy. Well strictly speaking no it’s not, it’s what is known as a farce. And given the natures of farces there is a touch of romance in it. Ok the synopsis:
Tom  (Dylan Moran) is  a struggling actor in Dublin who is currently working on the stage version of Richard III ( The play is based on the movie Nazi version with Sir Ian McCellan , I recommend it), with his friend and mentor Tony (Michael CaineBarreller (Michael Gambon)  who owes some crooks in London a large sum of money. Tom agrees to pretend to be the party the money is owed to. To succeed in this Tom enlists the help of his highly intelligent ten year old niece Mary (Abigail Iversen) . Got it? Confused? Well it’s a farce so that the way of things.

It’s grand fun! Dylan Moran puts up an excellent performance and really holds his own with screen icons, Michael Caine and Michael Gambon. Also for me Mary is a wee scene stealer as the brains of the outfit. It’s fun, its entertaining, it’s got a grand ensemble cast, but it does seem to miss being great. There is something missing, I am not sure what, but there is something intangible that left me wanting, but I can’t put my finger on what. 
Yes yes another six and a half. Funny and good, but it misses the mark, in Some way, some how.


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  1. Looking forward to your catch up reviews. I'm a bit behind too, only half way through the E's. Looks like it's bums up, tails down for the both of us.