18 Sep 2011

Critical Response

So I tested KAPOW with a team of highly experienced critics, and the response was good.


But there were issues:

The biggest problem was that the villains are too weak. It becomes too easy for the heroes to defeat them, too quickly. Also there are not enough villains. I need to create some more. (perhaps I seek inspiration from my day job?)
The final thing was there is not enough interaction between players. Each turn is fairly isolated, so I need more cards that can affect others players in or out of your turn.

But I got a thumbs up from a 10 year girl, who I assure you would not in any way spare my feelings if she thought it was lame. The other testers also had fun.

So as a project I give myself a B. And it appears that it is enjoyable enough for me to consider spending more time to make those refinements and see if it is worth showing to others?

Who knows, I could be the next Carl d Vissor.

1 comment:

  1. Game was great, despite my initial reluctance due to the (admittedly limited) maths. Definately looking forward to playing again, as is Lulu.