4 Jul 2011



I choose new movies to watch mostly on mood like most people. But what attracts me to movies is generally

  • cast
  • writer/director
  • story
  • visuals
in no particular order.

For example a film with John Cusack, Nathan Fillian, William Hurt, Jean Reno, Helen Mirran or Chiwetel Ejiofor looks appealing. 

Rather than a film with a one of the Wayans brothers or one of my most disliked actors Rob Snieder. I am not even sure if that's how you spell his name, but I don't care enough to check. 

There are directors I like; Mr. Hitchcock, Clint Eastwood, David Mamet,  The Coen brothers, Luc Besson and many more. 

I also really enjoy a good old rubber monster or Gorman masterpiece like Death race 2000. 

Currently I am on the hunt for a copy of The Fall  2006 

I couldn't recomend it as I havn't seen it. But it looks magnificent!

I wonder what lures you to new films? An actor, a good story, the comfort of a romantic comedy with familiar a list stars, spectacle, or the promise of viscera?

Why don't you tell me something that makes you reach for that a particular DVD or would make you brave the cold to see a particular film?


  1. How my day has gone, or how life is going more generally, will determine what I what to watch. Sometimes a challenging drama is perfect to provoke thought and debate, and yet equally the comfort of a words-known by heart classic, can be what is really needed. Often though, the films that are introduced to me by my partner :) or friends, that I would never have thought to pick myself, can be the most surprising and valuable.

  2. I go for funny or comforting generally like Rach said. It depends on what mood I'm in and what I have at my disposal too. I prefer comedies mostly, but I love a well done childrens movie, musical or thriller. Dramas that make me cry once won't genereally get a second viewing from me, I just don't like to feel sad. Movies that have actors I like are a big draw card too. To watch one at the cinema I have to have heard good things about it in order to pay movie prices these days.
    Choices seem to be emotion based for women, I'm intrigued to see if that trend continues. :)