10 Jul 2011


So a wee bit of a mid afternoon update.

I have complete a piece for my brother. He Plays a game, I won't go into too much detail about it, but he wanted me to assist with my writing skills and imagination. Well he has it now and I am curious to see what the outcome was? Wait and see I guess

Just finished The Gun Seller again. It is one of my favorite books and I recommend it to anyone. Funny and very re-readable, which you don't get with a lot of novels.

Nothing to do with writing, or everything depending on it, but my latest distraction from my writing is Echo Bazaar.  A browser game set in imaginary Victorian London. Available to those on Facebook and Twitter. Beware highly fun and addictive.

My Wellington family, which consists of my flatmate, my partner and her daughter have decided to do the Brownie badges. Now this may seem a little odd.  But then well I am a wee bit odd so maybe no unexpected.

 Anyway we are doing it as it is a fun way to get out of the house and do different things in winter. For example we visited Karoi cemetery today which was where Sir Peter filmed Braindead. Which I like to think has become one of the classic Zombie movies of our time. On an interesting point there was a legal wrangle over filming at the cemetery. I will explain this in more detail once my partner is close so I get the legalese correct. But Braindead  is now part of NZ law, which I find cool.

If you are curious about the brownie badges check out My life as a soap opera  http://65by30.blogspot.com/
her blog is cool.

Today one of my challenges is to write up a game. So while my flatmate watches Gnomeo and Juliet, which if you like animated movies I recommend, I will create a board game. So I think it will have a monkey and zombies. Wish me luck

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