12 Jun 2011

Warning the Owls are not what they seem

So I have noticed a trend I have which I should probably alert you to. The more I like a film the briefer the synopsis, while the more I dislike a film the greater the plot exposition as I rend it apart.
This is not always the case, but in fairness to you my valued readers, I felt an obligation to alert you.

So from now on I will place my monkeys under the image so you will be alert for any potential spoilers. There is little worse with reviewing, and I will endeavour not to reveal too much.

In other news I have been honoured to be invited to add a link of this blog to my friends face book group  The owls are not what they seem. This is a reference from  Twin Peaks,  that iconic series from the 90's. The group is a open discussion on film and TV.

Here is the description

"This group is designed to allow for a free exchange of ideas on Cinema & Television. From Francois Truffaut to Hershell Gordon Lewis, from James Cameron to Hal Hartley, from Fawlty Towers to The Sopranos....all comin' at ya at 24 frames per second. Members are welcome to contribute links, reviews etc. Criticism or dissenting opinions between members is always going to occur, but please keep it civil. I hope you enjoy discussing any passions you may have in this area. Cheers, Laurence :)."

OK I'm off to work on other projects, but the next review is Aliens.

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