5 Jun 2011

30 days of Night

Instantly I waiver over the rating….. Is it really a 7and a half? Well let’s come back to that.

I enjoy horror movies, especially monster movies with vampires, were-wolves, giant radioactive ants and the like always have. Horror is such a primal genre of story telling that I imagine goes back to Cro-Magnon days. There is something about fear that while repellent, is also attractive.  We enjoy the thrill and the rush of fear.

30 days of night is a film adaptation from a successful graphic novel (that’s big comic book for those who don’t know) starring Josh Hartnett and Melissa George.

Ok here is the plot synopsis; Barrow is the northern most town in Alaska. And given its position on the bald spot of the earth, for one month of the year there is total darkness.  This year some vampires turn up and decide that an isolated town in darkness for a month sounds like their version of Disneyland, but without the queues. The inhabitants of Barrow must do their best to survive.

Sounds simple? And it is. I think the concept is both obvious and cool.

Josh Hartnett plays the town’s sheriff who gathers up some survivors and tries to keep them alive as the vampires turn the town into a charnel pit.  I thought that the acting in the film was great, also as most of the cast are what you would call character focused actors; Danny Huston as the elder of the vampires, Mark Boone Junior as the belligerent town rebel, and Melissa George as the sheriffs estranged wife all give great performances (recognisable as soon as you see them).
  Also this film was shot in New Zealand which is great, but also has one significant downfall. The cast is littered with New Zealand actors who you will easily recognise.

Why is that bad? Because when my companions watched the movie, I felt that through their recognition of the cast they lost their suspension of disbelief and disassociated themselves from the movie.  Which is a shame because I thought the Kiwi cast held their own against the Americans.  But that’s just life really, and I also am guilty of this too when I saw an icon form my childhood CHIC LITTLEWOOD. Go Chic, WOOT!

Also if you like vampires movies and feel a bit dirty about the Twilight phenomenon you will love this. These vampires are not sparkly and mopey. They don’t care about humans, they don’t even like humans. You will feel cathartic post viewing.

Good plot, good story, good acting and a refreshing return to an overly abused subject.

7 ½  monkeys from me.

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  1. So you went with a 10 monkey rating system because a five monkey system would not have been fine-grained enough. And now you've gone and used 7½ monkeys. Obviously you really need a twenty monkey system.