26 Jun 2014

Is this the end for Seth?

Seth Rogen has courted controversy before, mostly in the sense that the green Hornet was a pretty awful film. He has also courted some controversy about parodying Kanye West’s weird as music video, for his weird as song Bound 2.  I had intended to post some lyrics to re-enforce how weird the song is, but you can look them up yourself.  Needless to say if you have not seen the music video for Bound 2, I would recommend the Seth Rogen version where he takes the part of Kim Kardashian and mimes having sex with James Franco on a motor bike.  Their parody is actually less awkward then the original.

No really this is considerably less awkward than the real version. 

Now Rogen and Franco have courted more controversy by committing acts of terrorism and aggression against a foreign country, and I am not referring to the foreign release of The guilt trip.  No I am referring to North Korea’s reaction to The interview.

The film is about a talk show host (Franco) who is invited to interview North Korea's beloved leader little Kim, but is hired by the CIA to assassinate Kim Jong-un during the visit.

According to BBC news a spokesman from the oppressive dynastic dictatorship said if the film is released “a merciless counter-measure will be taken"  We can only assume that the dastardly North Koreans regime will respond with a weapon of mass destruction of some sort. While it is noted that North Korea is further developing its missile program I do not think that a conventional or even nuclear strike is what they mean.  No the North Korean leader and his cronies will respond in a way to cause the most pain to the American people (yes I am aware that Rogen is Canadian, but I am not sure that the North Koreans are).

That’s right North Korea will respond with a global release of L’il Kim sings Disney’s greatest hits!  


Obviously Rogen and the other producers are jumping up and down and clapping their hands over this press for their unreleased movie. If they are clever they can play it up the marketing to appeal to the fundamentalist NRA militias.  

See the Interview, the movie where Seth Rogen and James Franco travel to the last bastion of socialism and kill a Commie!

Of course the State department could look at it as a political tool, a bishop in the current game of chess between them and the ironically named democratic people republic. Perhaps they can use the release for he film as a bartering chip to release hostages?  Seth Rogen could then make dozens of films about world leaders never to be released unless they towed the US’s global strategy.

I look forward to the future where Seth Rogen, Drunk with power eventually turns on congress with a vitriolic documentary in his later years and becomes god emperor of the states.

Lets hope so. 

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