19 Feb 2014


As a strange fog sweeps through the valley and surrounds my home, I have decided to restart blogging.

So much has already happened  this year. Philip Seymour Hoffman,Gabriel  Axel and Shirley Temple have died.
Gabriel Axel 

Thee is new controversy over Woody Allen with further allegations of his past. And the rumour mill is also churning over the up coming features Star wars VII, Superman II, and Guardians of the Galaxy. The BAFTAs have come and gone, and the Oscars loom like a more traditional vampire.

And I have done nothing.

Well that is not strictly true.  I have survived my first stag do, and I have consented to a second (god help me) stag do. I have organised stuff for my wedding, and I have stressed over organising stuff for my wedding.

I returned to work and I have agonised over returning to work. Wringing my hands like a badly written character from a Dickens novel hoping for a better future with each new day.

O god please let me win the lotto
But as the dank and humid sea fog envelopes my house in a smothering embrace, muffling the snuffling of hedgehogs and the hunting of Moreporks, I will resume writing. Writing reviews, things and stuff.  Writing gives me pleasure and peace and I need to do more of it.

Enough for tonight I need to go and look after my greatest love, who also brings me peace and happiness.

Happy new year every body, lets make it a good one.

I think it's time for a cup of tea.

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