28 Sep 2013

Night of the Living Trekkies

Once upon a time my girl got sick. 
Then her girl got sick. 

Then I cared for them both. Remarkably I did not get sick. Despite the odds I was absolutely fine, and they got better and all was right with the world.
Then there was an earthquake and my work had to move to a small room in another building. That room was full of angry people and surrounded by sick people.

Then I got sick. 

I went through the seven stages of flu; hope, coughing up gloop, sneezing and
coughing up gloop, coughing fits so hard it appears you are auditioning for a movie about consumption, napping at inconvenient times and waking up in weird places, hope followed by coughing, and then better but still a bit shite.  At that last stage my beloved fiance took me to the library and got me a book, and this is it.
Jim Pike was a massive Star trek fan until his last tour in Afghanistan broke him.  Once home he ends up working in a hotel in Huston Texas, hiding away from everything and everyone. But when a star trek convention books his hotel Jim is faced with more than nerds with Phasers, but a zombie apocalypse. 

Dun dun dun. 

There are no real surprises here, well one but that would be a spoiler. It is a pretty standard Zombie story, but that's fine. This book was written by hard core Trekkie fan boys, but not to the point you have to be one to enjoy the story.

 Night of the Living Trekkies  is a funny little novel about the perils of sci fi conventions, zombies and star trek trivia. It is written simply but competently, and when you just want to relax and be entertained it was just what I wanted.  It was really nice just to pick up a book and enjoy it so much I didn't want to put it down. 

I give Night of the Living Trekkies  6.5  monkeys.

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  1. Mira Grant wrote a novella called The Last Stand of the California Browncoats about one the early outbreaks of the zombie virus from her Newsflesh series. Possibly similar.