13 Feb 2013

World War Z


 World War Z; an oral history of the Zombie war was written by Max Brooks, the son of comedian, director and actor Mel Brooks. It was inspired by  The Good War, an oral history of World War II by Studs Terkel.Like the  The Good war, World War Z  is a collection of first hand accounts and stories of
various people who were affected by a Zombie apocalypse.

The book is a well written synopsis of a possible and not so implausible reaction in a fictional circumstance from various perspectives; civilian, military and corporate all over the world. From the wall around Israel to the South African triage system, Brooks posits conflicting agendas, government cover ups, military blunders and simple people trying to survive, and he does it in a simple interview style which adds to the plausibility of the stories. Brooks creates credible circumstances that we can believe in. He doesn't stray in to the crazy mutant world like  the resident evil franchise has made, he sticks to the basics. And for me it really works.

The book is an easy read, but in a subtle way you do find yourself being drawn into the stories. I understand why this book has become such a cult classic. I can also understand the trepidation and the criticism of the fans for the up coming movie  here.

This trailer  seems an extraordinary departure form the book. I will probably see it anyway but I am not confident as it seems like a dog. 

But the book is excellent and I really recommend it. 7.5 Zombie monkeys from me

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