3 Feb 2013

The Woman in black

Are you tired of torture porn? Bad Zombie movies? Glittery vampires? awful special effects? Predictable slasher movies?  Do you feel like watching a horror, but the choice between Cyber-eel vs Radioactive Seagull and Saw 13 seems a bit dumb?

Well have I got the movie for you! A good old fashioned Gothic horror, and I don't mean this!

What do I mean? Let me explain with a synopsis:

19th century London and lawyer Arthur Kipps is still struggling with the death of his wife after four years. His employer has given him one final chance to pull himself together. He must travel to Eel Marsh House and sort through the papers of a recently deceased client. Leaving his son he travels to the remote village of Cryphin Gifford. But once there he finds that the villagers are desperate to keep him from visiting the the secluded manor. Desperate not to lose his job he is determined to travel to Eel house, but once there he finds secrets, doors that cannot be opened and encounters a mysterious figure in black!

Ensure scary hijinxs!

While this is not the best horror film I have every seen, it was certainly the most refreshing. The woman in black has all the features of true Gothic horror in vein worthy of Mr Poe himself.

While it did take me a while to get use to Daniel Radcliffe, and occasionally the mood was ruined when he sounded a bit "Potter", he did OK. Which is good because the film was mostly him and a spooky old house. Hopefully he can shake off Harry Potter and become a good actor. And I think the Woman in Black is a good first step. To believe in the film we have to believe in Arthur Kipps and the horror he is experiencing, and I think we do. 

The film had a nice eerie feel about it, the music, sound and cinematography were really good. Eel house is set on a island which is attached to the mainland by a road which is covered at high tide. Fantastic settings, and not a blonde cheerleader or toothless red neck with a chainsaw in sight. Wonderful.

It was certainly was scary if the shrieks from the ladies I was watching it with was  anything to go by.I may have jumped a little myself. Bloody dolls.

I liked it but if you don't think you can get past Daniel Radcliffe then you probably won't enjoy it.

Good fun wholesome scary entertainment. and 6.5 monkeys from me.

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