3 Jan 2013

The Life of Pi

So we start the new year with a brand new film the life of Pi.


A struggling author is looking for inspiration for his next book. he is told to hear the amazing story of a man named Pi. Pi was born in the Zoo his parents ran in Pondicherry, French India. Pi's life is turned upside down when his family decide to sell the zoo and immigrate to Canada. During the voyage a terrible storm sets Pi adrift in a life boat with another survivor, and adult Bengal tiger both on a journey of survival and enlightenment.

Ensue watery Hijnx

The film is based on the booker awarding winning novel written by Yann Martel. And unlike the Hobbit which was a disappointment despite expectations, The Life of Pi exceeded mine. As you may know I enjoy the aesthetic of a beautifully shot film, and this film is exquisite. The colour and the cinematography is a pleasure on the eyes. A major achievement given that this is mostly about a boy on a boat sitting in the middle of the Pacific ocean.  The 3D like the CGI, is not gimicky at all, but blends into the narrative as such effects should. Director Ang Lee has taken a work of fantasy and made it a reality.

This is Suraj Sharmas, who plays Pi, first major cinematic role and he gives a performance to equal any you will see this year. And Richard Parker steals every scene he is in. Who is Richard Parker? Well I think I will let you find out for yourselves.

The life of Pi is not a sophisticated story, it is a tale of a young mans physical and spiritual survival. It is Pi's journey of faith and questions our perception of the world we live in. It might be simple, it is also a wonderful story.

If this is standard of film I am to watch this year I am very excited.

Eight and a half Monkeys!

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