15 Jan 2013

Conan III, Cashing in or coming home

In 2007 Republicans in California were debating a change to Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution, which requires the President be a natural born citizen.Governor Arnold Schwarzeneggerwas being primed for the white house, and I believe that given his popularity with both parties that it was more of a probability than a possibility.  But that dream is nothing but a foot note to history now, because he screwed up his personal life. The American public might be able to forgive jingle all the way but not cheating on his wife. 

You could argue that a man whose career in politics has detonated after such a personal disgrace is desperately looking to return to his cinematic career , that career which made him an international celebrity and exceptionally wealthy.  But at 65 and not being credited with the talent of Al Pacino or Michael Gambon his options are limited.  I suspect he will not be the next version Broadway production of King Lear or cast in the next The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel?  As an ageing action hero what options does he have? 

In December last year LA times reported that Arnold Schwarzeneggerhas signed on for the final Conan the barbarian movie The Legend of Conan.  Ignoring the ludicrous drivel of the Jason Momoa travesty of 2011, this film will be the third in the Conan/Arnold Saga., where an aging Conan is faced with a final adventure in the winter of his years

Is he just selling out!

I hope not.  The producer Dino De Laurentiisalways envisioned that the Conan films would be a trilogy.  Arnold signed a three picture deal on that basis.  Especially as Conan the Barbarian was such a success.  But the third film Conan the Conqueror was never made apparently due to contractual issues. 

Universal studios and Arnold are pressing that The Legend of Conan will not be a pulpy sequel. Universal are buying the rights off lionsgate , and Arnold is playing a 65 year old Conan trying to get to grips with old age and his place in the world.  I have read some of the releases and the studio seem to recognise that throwing money and 3D special effects at a project does not necessarily make it successful or even enjoyable.  The studio wants to have a good writer and director on board, and have Schwarzenegger as Conan. 

I love the Conan movies, and to clarify the Schwarzenegger movies not that recent vomit laden mess. The 80’s Conan movies are great and both can be enjoyed with a cold beer and a nice rare steak even now.  I am quietly hopeful that this film can be not only a success, but a very good film.  There is even a rumour that it will be filmed in New Zealand. 

While I may not have depicted him as such, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a very smart man, and an astute business man.  Roles like this could define his return to acting and create a career for him.  But only time will tell of course, but I and hoping that this is a case of Mr. Schwarzenegger coming home to a role that he can execute well. 
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