16 Sep 2012

Saw this and I wanted to share it.

Hi just a quick post. Yesterday my girl and her daughter "squeaky" came to visit me. My girl popped out to get me supplies and Squeaky kept me company by reading me her new book by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton  The Thirteen Story Tree house

It is a great book and cleverly the story is about Andy and Terry who write books. Andy writes them and Terry draws the illustrations. The story is about how they are over due for a new book and their trial and adventures trying to write a new one. Squeaky read it to me, but I did some of the voices. It was fun but what was cool was that she kept pausing to make sure she wanted to me to listen to her read more of the story. of course I encouraged her and we had great fun! There were monsters, monkeys, smooching, giant bananas and of course the best tree house in the world.

I can't stress enough how important I think reading is for kids. Some kids are never great readers but whether they are or aren't they should at least have the opportunity and encouragement to read as many book as they want.

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  1. Your never too old or too young to be read to, she loved sharing her book with you yesterday.

    And you will be pleased to know the next book "The 26th Storey Treehouse" is out this month!