17 Jun 2012

Ladies choice

Rock of Ages

Love is many things. It is passion, and patience and devotion. It is finding yourself smiling for no reason, and it is being up until 5:30 in the morning caring for someone when they are desperately ill. It is sharing, and romance and clich├ęs and a million other things.

And love my readers is the only reason I watch musicals.

I have watched my share on film and on stage sufficiently to know that I will always dislike musicals. But my girl loves them. That doesn't mean I have to like them, but it does mean that if she asks me to go with her so she can enjoy them I will. She loves them and I love her so there you are. 

So if you don't like musicals stop reading now because this post is about a musical. If you like musicals you are probably thinking that I am going to slate this because I am biased. If you hate musicals you might keep reading in the hope that I am going to slate this purely due to it being a musical.

Well I am not. I think that if I am serious about this blog I have to review books and films that are not necessarily my preference, and also try and be as fair and objective as possible.  So here I go.

A brief synopsis:

It is 1987 and Sherrie (Juliane Hough) is leaving Oklahoma to seek her fortune in Hollywood as a singer. About five minutes after arriving in Hollywood she is mugged on the sunset strip. She is rescued by Drew (Diego Boneta)a barman who works at the famous Rock and Roll institution the Bourbon club.He also dreams of being a rock star. Drew gets a Sherrie a job at the Bourbon club which is run by ageing rocker Dennis Dupree (Alec Baldwin). The club is struggling financially and with the Mayors wife (Catherine Zeta Jones) who is determined to clean up LA starting with shutting down the Bourbon Club. The club and the fortunes of everyone inside it depends on one man, the rock god Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise).

Ensue singing hyjinx

Yes you read correctly Tom Cruise. A singing and dancing Tom Cruise. And you have to see it to believe it. And I mean that in a good way. Toms performance as Stacee Jaxx is funny and highly enjoyable. His side kick, a leather clad gun toting baboon was a grand addition to the story.

The rest of the ensemble cast also provide good performances.  The cast includes; Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand, Paul Giamatti, James Martin Kelly, and Catherine Zeta Jones. All of them are great in the film and when they have to sing  they manage to succesffully pull it off. Each of them stand out in their respective scenes and give solid and enjoyable performances.
Alec and Russell were confused by whether Deigo was the male or female lead in the production

Less can be said for the young star Diego Boneta. He is meant to be this up and coming rock singer but he appeared to be wearing  more make up than Juliane Hough (who I thought gave a fine performance). I mean I know it's meant to be 1987, but dude you are wearing more foundation than Paul Stanley from KISS. I found that he was too pretty, too nice and an average performer.

I am not sure about the pacing of the film, but that could be due to the fact that I find the performers bursting into song a bit jarring at times.

The songs were classics from the 80's; Wated dead or alive, Paradise city, we're not go to take it, juke box hero, I love rock and roll, we built this city and many more.

It was nostalgic, cheesy and at times quite fun. I think that if you grew up in the 80's or you love 80's music you will find this a enjoyable watch. I don't think it will rate with the lovers of musicals as high as ........Chicago? or Mamma Mia? (I have no idea), but I think it is one of those movies where you get together with a pizza, and snacks and watch and sing along to.

So a fun afternoon and six monkeys (there was a Baboon with a gun AWESOME!)


  1. I wonder if anyone critiqued the hash tag on the bottom of the poster #rockofages.



  2. As a lover of musicals I found this movie tacky and irriatating. I didn't buy Tom Crusie as a rocker, or the lead actor either. I did enjoy Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand together, and the music was good, but that's about it. Not even the Baboon saved it for me.