30 Jan 2015

Look out for the best picture Oscar for 2016

I have seen quite a few films in my time. My love of film covers the broad spectrum of the silent classics of the 20's to the hi tech digital marvels that brought Tolkien to life before our very eyes.  I love dramas, independent film, fun comedy and a good old Arnie action film.  I can appreciate the beautiful aesthetic of good cinematography, to a simple well written story.

This film I think may be the best film ever! Yes I called it.

Forget classics like  Citizen Kane, The Godfather, Ben Hur,  or the  dramatic sweeping urban operatic masterpiece that is  The Blue Brothers.  This film is just amazing.

I could keep talking but I think the trailer speaks for it'self.

I present to you the best film EVER!

hope you liked the trailer. 

Disclaimer: this is only a trailer so I have not actually seen the whole film.  But I'm still excited!

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