2 Sep 2014

Shadow and Hannibal meet Game of Thrones

Sounds like an odd mix but Bryan Fuller the writer and creator of such cult TV shows such as;  Pushing Daisies, Dead like Me and Hannibal  is the executive producer on the up coming series  American Gods based on the best selling novel of the same name written by one of my favourite authors Neil Gaiman

 According to an interview on craveonline, Fuller reveals that Neil Gaiman who is an executive producer will also be writing.

Much like the Game of Thrones HBO series, American Gods will be following the book closely but Gaiman wants to expand on the story so that fans of the book can expect surprises. It is rumoured that Gaiman wanted to write so much new material the network was a little concerned that it would depart too much from the source material.

I suspect that the Stars network will try and challenge Game of Thrones  popularity with American Gods.  Both have dedicated fans and while Game of Thrones  is a longer series than Gaiman's single novel, if you include the short stories and the Anansi Boys Novel  and the fact Gaiman is expanding well beyond the source material, American Gods  could run for six to seven series.

Except for the involvement of Fuller,  Gaiman and Michael Green (Heroes, The Green Lantern) ,there is not too much to tell.  Although I admit that any writer involved in the terrible green Lantern movie doesn't impress me, I am still very excited.

There is a currently a real renaissance of quality television productions, with high profile and talented stars both in front and behind the camera involved in shows that rival and surpass many films, I am excited and optimistic.

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