8 May 2014

A new staff performance plan

Staff Performance Plan for the king of the North’s army

Name:  Harold
Title: Man at arms
Lords Name: Great-Jon Umber
Lords title: Lord of Last Hearth

End of year review
Employee signature:       x                   Date: Autumn 300 A.L.
 Manager's signature: Great-Jon Umber Lord of Last Hearth

Section A - What are you expected to do for your King!

S.M.A.R.T. Objectives

 1- Customer service!
What do you need to achieve? 
Defend the North, Crush the Southern armies of the false king. Support and obey your liege Lord and the King of the North

Measurement of Objective: Contribute to army results in delivering against the following.

>80% of all melees won

All combats with customers are violent, succinct, relevant and timely. Verbal communication specifies an organ or a manner of demise which will be received during the battle will be made and is followed up with said violence.

All battle actively managed to an appropriate conclusion and the enemy fought regularly through an effective martial system.

Communication (incoming)
·         Respond to Ravens within 3 days,
·         Respond to spoken or shouted correspondence within 5 minutes.

Answer your lords request within 24 hours
No order is to be ignored unless the reason for this would break the law of the King of the North.

2 - Leadership
What do you need to achieve? 
 Consistently provide accurate soldiering demonstrating expert knowledge of stabbing others.

Measurement of Objective:
·         Collaborates well with others and shares knowledge, information, ideas and experience with team and the army.
·        Volunteers to help others succeed.
·        Maintain an up to date knowledge of Soldering; walking, digging, doing what he is told, more walking, occasionally going hungry - learning from training and day to day work is applied and there is evidence of initiatives that improve personal and team results.
·        Contribution to change implementation plans - a positive attitude and flexible approach to change is evident.
·        Active participation in and responsibility for own survival.

3 - Quality and productivity
Contribute to army results in delivering against the following:

What do you need to achieve? 
Achieve business plan deliverables by Winter

Measurement of Objective:
·        Kill Lannisters
·        Kill their allies
·        Send the survivors beyond the Riverlands never to return.
·         Loot but no pillaging as per the Kings orders
·         March to each battle on time
·         Have your weapons sharp 80% of the battles
·         Have your armour and kit on for 60% of the battles
·        Have trousers on for 90% of the battles

Full Year assessment

 (As scribed for the soldier due to his illiteracy)

When the mi lord gave the call, I did come as per my duty.  I am good with spear and as I was brought up along with Milord Smalljon , I can swing a sword but I prefer my axe.  Last ‘earth is small compared to a place like Winterfell. So I can ride as well as any. And have killed wildlings since I was ten, or so the Maester says.

I was with his lordship when we first went south.  I fought at the battle of the Whispering Wood, the battle of the Camps , and after the battle of Oxcross I was with Greatjon Umber and ‘elped capture the gold mines at Castamere, and Pendric ‘ills.

 At the battle of the Whispering Wood I killed two men that I am sure of and another which I am sure of could not have lived. It was a ‘ard fight and the enemy were better armoured than any wilding. But they die just the same.

At the battle of the Camps we came in from the west to help the Kings family. He wasn’t the King then. That was after. But kin is kin as my mother says.

The Lannisters were fighting back by the time we came in. The men tried to form a shield wall, but those Southern Nancy’s were quaking when the Greatjon and us Northmen came at ‘em. We know how to make and break a shield wall.  I set my axe in one man’s skull, and killed a boy. I am sorry about the boy now, but tis the way of battle I suppose. He raised a spear to my lord and tis my sworn duty to fight, die and protect. So the boy fell under my axe as well. Still hard for one so young to die away from his mum.

After the battle of Oxcross I was with Greatjon Umber and ‘elped capture the gold mines at Castamere, and Pendric Hills.

Pendric was a bit of a scuffle, but Castamere I ‘ad it a bit easy. There was a camp of Southerners and they were all running about like chickens in a coop. So I just ran up and hit one on the head hard, and ‘e fell down like.  Then I yelled at the rest that they was all prisoners of the GreatJon. And by the old gods they all just sat down like babes all neat and nice. I was proud that day cause the GreatJon ‘e did  shake my hand, and asked if I could be so kind as to go down to Casterty Rock and ask Lord Tywin to surrender. I don’t know what came over me but I says to ‘im. If you like milord, but whose going to win his battles for ‘im while I’m gone?

I thought for a minute he was going to take me ‘ead off there and then. But then ‘e just laughed at me.

I am ‘onest and I do my duty, an what I am told. When the Karstarks killed them boys I was with the GreatJon when we locked em up.  I understand that they were angry, but they was just lads. 


Recommended performance rating

This is an assessment of the employee’s performance against the objectives (the ‘what’), capabilities, and behaviours (the ‘how’) of the job they are employed to do in terms of the requirements of the whole role, as set out in their position description.

Select the recommended rating

Performance improvement


High standard of performance
Exceptional performance


Give the reason for the recommendation
He is still alive, he has killed a lot of damn Lannisters. At the battle of the Twins he skewered a damn Lannister squire trying to gut me. Well done Boy!

Great-Jon Umber Lord of Last Hearth

Section C – Individual development plan

I am ‘appy as my lord is rewarding me for my service. 

 I am to be the cup bearer to my lord at Lord Edmure’s wedding in two days. 

Also after the war he will marry me to my sweet heart Mareth. And if I have a my son he will be taken on as a squire by the GreatJon.

But for now I am looking forward to the wedding. I do enjoy a wedding, it will good to relax and celebrate for once.  

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