24 Nov 2013

50 years of Doctor Who; The Day of the Doctor

As a young boy I was an avid watcher of Doctor Who. In New Zealand we were blessed with most of the seasons, so I had the opportunity to see old episodes with Patrick Troughton and the great three doctor’s episode.  For a lot of people Doctor Who is an iconic part of our child hood, part of our culture. You ask most people, and they will have a Doctor Who story from when they were a kid. Most commonly enough it will involve hiding behind a couch. 
This Doctor Who episode has given me a life long disgust of maggots
Doctor Who is the time travelling adventurer who comes out of nowhere and saves us from the terrifying monsters that lurk there.  He is an exciting type of hero because he will save you with cleverness and kindness, and he might even take you with him on his adventures. He might be rude, but never cruel or violent.  He has endured for 50 years and I think we are better off for it. 

The 50th anniversary has been greatly anticipated all year. Especially in my house as my fiancé is a born again Whovian, and proud of it.   

And how was it?

Wee spoilers follow

The 50th anniversary brings David Tennant and Matt Smith together in a confrontation with their darkest secret, played by John Hurt.  Tennant and Smith's chemistry is like Doctor squared. Both actors bringing together their own blend of humour and pathos, different but familiar, funny but sad.  Introducing John Hurt as their younger incarnation, their secret incarnation, who is no Doctor.   

On the whole I enjoyed it. It was fun and very entertaining. In one respect I thought that the story was slightly disappointing.  A certain element that I liked was changed, so I was a little disappointed.  I understand why they made that change, and how it was important, but I was a tiny bit disappointed none the less.
And I was alone in this.

With a lounge full of Whovians, they were entranced and astounded, and a great time was had by all. The story was accepted and revelled in by my friends and family together.  The 50th anniversary brings the Doctors together to pay homage to the past and bring in a new future, and it also reflect what Doctor Who is all about, hope.   

It was a grand eisode and I think Doctor Who fans will love it. 

And I hope you do too.

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  1. Im looking forward to watching the 50th anniversary...
    John what do you think of torchwood...