3 Apr 2013

Believe it or not.....

I am not one for conspiracy theories to be honest.  I am ok with the moon landing, I don’t think fluoride is a pacification drug so that big brother can control us, I do not believe that the Bavarian illuminati live under the world and send their Templar spies to control world governments through the Rothschild banking system.  And I do not believe that that the liberal left is trying to turn the children of the western world gay. 

However I did hear a rather interesting theory today that I want to explore.
We are all probably aware of the sabre rattling going on in North Korea. To summarise Lil’ Kim has cancelled the 1953 armistice between North and South Korea that ended the Korean War.  Apparently the UN says that that North Korea cannot unilaterally dissolve the armistice.

But North Korea has said that it has entered “a state of war” and will enter an all out war with South Korea and the USA.  Lil Kim deciding that his previous threats of “a state of a just a tiny war” did not give him the military credentials he needs to solidify his support in the Kingdom of North Korea. And you can argue what you will, but North Korea is basically a feudal country, it just has different titles to cover this up. 
I would like to say this is a joke photo, however it isn't.
The more informed and reasonable amongst us would say that these empty threats are just the political maneuvering of a young leader proving to the North Korean generals and leaders(or nobility) that he has the gumption to lead their paradise into this millennium. 

But what if there is a more sinister agenda? 

North Korea ended the armistice around the 11th of March.  This is one week after the movie remake Red Dawn  was released on DVD. 

Coincidence?  I think not. 
The film did not do well at the US box office so the studio will be desperate to recoup the cash. But what if they are so desperate that they have cut a deal with Lil’ Kim to help promote the DVD release?

Lil’ Kim’s father “big daddy Kim” was a massive fan of movies even to the extent that he allegedly kidnapped a South Korean star and her husband a  film director to make epic movies for him.   Also there is a long standing tradition of evil dictators loving movies; Stalin was a massive fan of Hollywood. And I understand Pol Pot loved the works of Woody Allen.  So it would not be a surprise if Lil’ Kim, who was brought up in the west followed in this tradition.  

And it makes sense if you consider how delusional the propaganda machine in The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, otherwise known as Kimtopia, is. 

For example Big daddy first picked up a golf club in 1994, at North Korea's only golf course, and shot a 38-under par round that included no fewer than 11 holes in one. Satisfied with his performance, he immediately declared his retirement from the sport.”

If the Kimtopian people believe this, then they would be entirely behind a film where using North Korean superior technology, the beloved leader and his mighty army conquer the USA. 
Lil' Kim signing the deal with Holywood. A general stands by hoping for a speaking part.

Maybe Li’l Kim has surreptitiously invested in the film on the basis that it is a propaganda film for his military might, and not a dire remake of an 80’s propaganda film about the evils of communism.  

The irony is staggering!

Anyway it is just a theory and I am sure that all involved would deny it. 

But of course they would wouldn’t they…..

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  1. Hmmm to invade the USA Lil Kim would need a substantial flotila to carry his invasion force of toy soldiers across to the US Western seabord,then he would need a cunning ploy to make the entire US military machine look the other way for a couple of days, perhaps he could say 'oh look over there' otherwise he may be in for a bit of bother...