29 Nov 2012

Sky fall

When I was a lad my dad took me to my first James bond Movie. It was View to a kill with Roger Moore, which has given me a nostalgia for Mr Moors portrayal of Mr Bond. But it also made me a fan of James Bond for life. And why not? Beautiful women, exotic foreign locations, guns, girls and gadgets. Defend the world for Queen and country, marvellous!

The Bond film franchise has lasted  23 films over 50 years with with 6 (proper) bonds portrayed on the big screen. Sean Connery with his cheeky sex appeal, Roger Moore the playboy spy, Timothy Dalton as a sophisticated killer, Peirce Brosnan with his empathic witty Bond, George Lazenby with his, well height? and currently Daniel Craig.  Each Bond brought something new to the role, except poor George Lazenby who was had the unenviable job as Sean Connery's replacement and also  Her majesties secret service,  that bucked the trend of the earlier films. Too much for the fans to stomach, George was out and Sean had to return.

But you probably know the films and the previous Bonds, and want to know what about Skyfall.
Well I am going to skip the synopsis and just discuss the film.

Where Casino Royale took Bond fans to a grittier darker Bond, way from the invisible cars and Madonna cameos and more representative of Ian Flemming's character in the books, Skyfall effortlessly combines Daniel Craigs new Bond with the class and style of Sean Connerys classic Bond films. Skyfall is at once a origin story and the natural progression of the franchise.

Daniel Craig portrays a tough, smart relentless Bond as always, but Skyfall reveals the chinks in his armour.As the world changes is Bond a relic of the cold war? Daniel Craig is charming, stylish, deadly and a little poignant. I like all the actors that have portrayed Bond, but Daniel Craig is now one of my favourites. He has made Bond his own.

Dame Judi Dench is a wonderful M. Smart and strong in a mans world, she retains control even as that world collapses around her. She is the perfect M for Craig. She doesn't put up with any of his nonsense for a second. She give a great performance, and what you would expect from Dame Judy.

Javier Badem is making a fortune portraying Hollywood villains and after his oscar winning performance in No country for old men, he is now Silver in Skyfall. Javier is a camp, mad and also a sympathetic villain. Silver doesn't have some mad plan to conquer the world, he just wants revenge. Silver is probably the best antagonist I have seen in years.

I really like Sam Mendes the director. Road to Perdition is fantastic, and in Skyfall Mendes creates a story encompassing emotion, violence and humour. Mendes with Roger Deakins also creates some stunning scenes, I love aesthetics and Mendes has made Skyfall beautiful. Even the arse end of Scotland!

From the opening credits to the final credits Skyfall is dangerous, smart and sexy. And has been done true to what we expect from a Bond film. Actually not what we expect, but what we hope for.

There was some criticism of Bond drinking a Heineken and not a Martini, and also a little homo eroticism. Well it is ludicrous to drink martinis every bloody hour, and no Bond does not swap teams at all.  Some critics need to walk in the sun for five minutes and get their heads out of their arses.

If you have not seen it then try and avoid reviews with synopsis's and trailers. I did and was rewarded with pleasant surprises.

With a martini in one hand, and my girl by my side in a great theatre, I cannot remember enjoying myself so much at a film. I think Dad would have loved it.

I give Skyfall Nine Monkeys!


  1. More than any other actor, Craig is Fleming's Bond, IMO.

    Skyfall asks whether Bond is still relevant, both as a story question and as a meta-question. The answer in both cases is a resounding 'Yes!'.

    I loved both the digs and the homages to the Bonds of the past. 'M' and the red button... 'nuff said.

    One of the best Bonds so far and deserving of its monkeys.

    Bond will be back.

  2. yep - it is a bit reminiscent of *spoiler alert - kinda* of the man with a golden gun with bond coming back from the dead and not being quite up to scratch but m sending him out after a killer anyway. and if you read the books he drinks all sorts of alcohol, not just martinis! (he eats eggs all the time and has showers every other second - which isnt shown in the movies at all). i loved it - maybe a tad too long but that may be my modern attention span