30 May 2012

Snippets and things

No major topic today but I have a few snippets to blog about.


On my recent road trip to see Florence and the Machine, (which was excellent!) my partner confessed that watching Conan the Barbarian  had ruined fantasy movies for her. At least for the time being.
Florence is a massive fan of this blog. As soon as she starts to read it.
 That made me consider that in the future I must pick my review movies that I will watch with her more carefully. Try to keep her exposed to a better sort of film. I doubt I will as I love schlock horror and fantasy too much. But I am sure the promise of a nice Rose and peanut butter Whittakers chocolate will dull the pain of my bad monster movie cravings

She has forgiven me for Conan of course, but I have not forgiven myself.

I am really looking forward to seeing   Brave, Prometheus  and  The Raven  over the next few months.

 I intend to see all at the cinema rather than wait for them on DVD. I love movies, but going out is expensive you I pick and choose what I think I should see on the big screen I chose poorly with  Immortals,  that was a big screen spectacle.  Some movies I can happily wait until they are released on DVD.  Like  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire hunter.   Now who would have thought any one would be saying that sentence ever?

Anyway to round off I some times write up a daily quiz for my work mates. One of the questions I asked in the last quiz was "Which American president used to slay vampires before he took office?"  The team got that right of course, however one particularly special member of the team asked

"Is that true?"

To which I answered.


Good night everyone.


  1. Meanwhile, you say 'Romantic Comedy' to me and I scream. How are you going to fix that John? How?

  2. My predictions:

    Brave will be good, maybe great.
    Prometheus will disappointingly suck beyond belief
    The Raven will suck believably.

    I'd be happy to be wrong on the last two.