22 Feb 2012

Absence, stress and perspective.

Hi every body

I have been slacker than usual, and here is why.

Writing is a joy to me, whether it is poetry, or fiction or a well composed letter. But for me writing is an art as well as a craft.  The last few weeks I have been under a great deal of stress. Work is monotonous, ludicrous and repetitive and I have to leave my home. So I hav not had the strength to write anything.

Secret  Squirrel was sad that he was being down graded to "confidential squirrel"

Our job once had purpose and responsibility, now we are being methodically and slowly down graded.

For example I have had to assist another team as it's only a team of 1. So this girl is to instruct me, and guide me through this new position. Problem is she has been in the job three weeks and has no idea what to do.

 Also Mark Sainsbury is a
knobby head!

 Also my wonderful beautiful friend H and I have to move house. Our flat is being sold, and while the land lord is really good about everything, our home is being investigated and prodded and poked around by strangers, and that sucks!

In case you missed that, OPEN HOMES SUCK.

There is a lot other stuff going on, but basically H and my lives have become very stressful and hectic and it has been crazy difficult for us.

Personally I felt numb, that I couldn't cope, and I was angry all the time. I think it was a reaction to try and take some control over my life. Every time I felt like I was getting somewhere, something would knock me back down.

That was until yesterday.

Yesterday I caught up with a dear friend of mine who I had been out of touch with. So we emailed and then she told me that she needed brain surgery. This delightful, charming pretty girl's life was on hold until somebody ( a very nice man by all accounts) cuts into her brain.

And you know what? She was so happy because she had just lost 2 kgs from doing excercise. Despite all her troubles she was still the sweet girl who I have always known.

That dear readers gave me perpesctive.

I am healthy(ish), live in a good and uncorrupt country despite what the hippies say. I have a great family, terrific friends and a beautiful supportive girl friend.

The anger and the stress is gone. The problems of course remain, however they matter so much less now.

I will get a new job, I will write more, and laugh more. Why? because there is more to life than this, and I will find it, catch it skin it and adorn my study with it.

Apologies if this is not as fun as you may normally find it. But these are my words, from my life.

Next time join me for a time travel extravaganza when Bumpty my house boy gets kidnapped  by a clucky robot, and boris the comical ghoul wakes up married in Vegas. (Roto, not the cool one)

ciao for now

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