11 Oct 2011


Apologies if this post is a we bit rough. I have some sort of bug which is disorientating. But I am also bored so thee you are.

When I was a lad TVNZ put on a spectacle of modern technology.

Up until then 3D had been the stuff of folklore. Something that only happened in America, like drive in movies and those burger places where the waitresses served you in your car on roller skates. But here we were about to experience it in the comfort of our own homes.

It was a old 3D movie that they were going to show prime time. I think you had to buy special 3D glasses from BP, I could be wrong on the BP, but I remember you had to buy them.

Any way my rather clever brother said he would make us some. So he did. And mum made proper popcorn in a pan and we sat down to watch "GORILLA AT LARGE". 

Sadly I dot recall my brothers glasses working.  But I suspect that was because it didn't work.  Ever since then my experiences with 3D have been mixed. The only movie I think it has been really successful was the movie most love to hate, Avatar. For me at least it was a good 3D experience, and i suspect for many other movie goers as 3D is now the latest Hollywood fad.

3D is not new, you can trace the concept back to the silent era. There was an early attempt in 1915, and was deemed a failure.  Almost 100 years later technology is making that idea an commercial success.

The re-release of the Disney success The Lion King  in 3D gave the over 30 million in the opening weekend. hey are primes to re release four movie films, including Finding Nemo in 3D.  So expect more to come, especially if you are a parent.

3D looks like it's here to stay, at least for the meanwhile. I wonder what other experiments that failed in the past will re-emerge? I understand there is a scratch and sniff film coming out.

But amongst my readers, who out there likes 3D? do you think it is a fad, or a technological marvel?

I am interested to know.

until then BYE


  1. I think it is a legitimate device to use to help tell a story - to add realism or unrealism. It's kinda like the colour v black and white debate. Yes, film makers can (and do) make fantastic films in black and white. However, colour can add to a film. I suspect that there will be a few films where the filmmakers don't understand the new thing (like there would have been some awefull colour movies back in the day), but soom film makers will understand how it can add (and detract) from their movies.

    PS. I have a 3D TV :)

  2. I find the glasses irritating. Most movies add the 3D as an afterthought, so its often just a distracting mess that takes you away and out from of the story.

  3. I agree with Phil that the glasses are annoying..especially when worn over glasses that are required just for me to see the screen! I remember being completely underwhelmed by the 3D in Alice in Wonderland, spending most of the movie just trying to focus on what was in front of me. In saying that Rio in 3D was great fun. I think it completely depends on the movie, and the quality of the damn glasses!