16 Apr 2011

A beginning

You shiver briefly as the cold night hits you. You pull you coat tightly around your body, as your walk briskly to your destination. As you reach the foot of the stairs leading in to a gothic old building on the busy street, you are intercepted by a bull necked, well dressed door man. You rummage for your invitation in your various layers. Those same layers that protect you from the dark winters chill are also protecting the silver edged card from your prying fingers. With relief and satisfaction you present the invitation to the doorman.  He surprises you by reading it fully and giving you a carful look before ushering you past him up the dark veined marble steps behind him. A second doorman hops off the black wrought iron railing to open the dark open double doors for you.

You enter a welcoming warm hall lit by candles. You can see that there are several dinner parties in full swing. You did not know that it was fancy dress, when you see the many characters feasting and laughing. Pirates and rogues carouse in one corner, a group of caricatured monkeys wearing circa World War 2 American army uniforms chatter animatedly at another table. You see Vikings, Vampires and Faeries as you head for the main table you glimpse something large and dark moving in the shadows, and hope that this is indeed a costume party. You reach your hosts table, and your seat is ready. You host has been waiting for you before he continues starts his dialogue. Will tonight be a story, a tall tale from the past, or a discussion on film, history or current events?

Welcome to my imagination. I have been expecting you.


  1. I'm pleased you've chosen to write a blog over Piracy (as cool as that would be). I for one am looking forward to making the journey into your imagination with you :)

  2. I would have joined your pirate crew!

  3. You don't have the correct attitude to be a pirate anyway. You'd start a life of crime by buying a boat instead of stealing it?

  4. "I am so a real pirate - here is the pink slip for my pirate ship.."
    cue all the other pirates snickering as you walk by.....